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We are looking at this issue of homosexuality, because it is the trigger point currently for a subversive terroristic program.
Gay “marriage” is the political face of this program. But gay “marriage” (or “marriage equality”) is not the ultimate issue. It is a false alarm—and we should all be alarmed at their agenda. It is DECEIT.
"There’s one question I’ve asked every liberal I’ve encountered in Australia, all of whom harangue me for my views on gay marriage: why are Western governments that are so allergic to freedom and autonomy passionately embracing gay marriage? They’ve all struggled to answer. I think it is because gay marriage chimes brilliantly with these governments’ insatiable desire to diminish the sovereignty of the family and intervene more in our personal lives, and to police what we think."

                                                O’Neill 2015, emphases added.
O’Neill is an Irish “libertarian leftie” but he realizes the subversive program of governments:
"… the ruling elites of Canada, the UK and elsewhere have rewritten public documents to excise mentions of “mothers”, “fathers”, “husbands” and “wives” in favour of a more neutral language to suit their homogenisation of all relationships as “marriage”."

                                                O’Neill 2015, emphasis added.

"In gay marriage’s great rewriting and renaming of various communal identities … from mother to wife to child … the old-style family unit itself [is] being robbed of moral meaning and reduced to a business-like collection of partners and ‘Parent 1’ and ‘Parent 2’."
                                                                                                                           O’Neill 2014, emphasis added.

He admits:
"… gay marriage expands rather than diminishes the power of the state over our lives. The first way it does this is through allowing the state to redefine the moral meaning of marriage."
                                                                                                                           O’Neill 2015, emphases added.
This is something that our pathetic political leaders will not recognize, let alone admit to. But O’Neill (who identifies as an “atheist-libertarian-Marxist”) recognizes that the new shape of thinking is intolerant of any one who is not in favour of gays.
"The second way the gay-marriage campaign boosts the power of the state is in the realm of moral conscience and freedom of thought. New equality laws have been utilised to punish those who refuse to acknowledge gay marriage. Bakers who won’t make gay cakes have been taken to court. [This is a picture of those who for conscience would not provide “cakes”, i.e. cater for a gay marriage reception – Harkness 2016]. In the midst of the global celebrations that greeted Ireland’s “Yes” vote to gay marriage, few seem to have noticed that the Irish deputy PM said there would be no “conscience clause”, because it would be intolerable to “exclude some people or institutions from the operation of marriage equality”. Through gay marriage, the state — in the shape of the courts, the policing of “hate speech” and the restructuring of moral education in schools — is exercising greater control over what can be thought and said about human relationships."
                                                                                                                           O’Neill 2015, emphases added.
With the legalization of gay “marriage”, we will no longer be allowed an opinion, even though we are holding to truths that are foundational to our society and were given by God and have been in existence for centuries. Be warned. There will be no appeal, and no withholding of services to the homosexual perverts. This is terroristic intimidation.
The two issues at stake for control by the state, are (van Gend 2016, 187):
i. Subjugate its rival centre of moral authority, the family (by destroying marriage), to the control of the state, and
ii. Parallel with that is the destruction of religion.
In regard to the situation in Australia, and other countries where same-sex “marriage” has not as yet been legalised, this is an urgent matter. The politically correct stupidity of the day is likely to overwhelm us unless we take note urgently and act with resolve. The homosexual lobby is hell-bent on imposing their degraded lifestyle onto the whole of society, with intimidation and threats of discrimination that will deny us the right to have any beliefs or convictions of our own.
And they will use every aspect of intimidation. You have just noted the “gay” cakes in the earlier blurb,  as an issue in America. Consider the issue in Australia even before the laws are changed.
A Catholic leader in Tasmania—Hobart’s Archbishop Julius Porteous—even before any laws have come in—was involved in preparing a Pastoral Letter from Australia’s Catholic Bishops—a letter that addressed the whole coming disaster of homosexuality, and he was taken to court and sidelined from his role in the church for almost 12 months before the issue was dropped. But it meant 12 months of stress, interruption to ministry, and enormous legal expenses—all for nothing. No it wasn’t, there was a strong message of intimidation for anyone who dares to challenge the terrorist methodology of the LGBTQI LOBBY.

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